Magic Life Sarigerme

Magic Life Sarigerme, which is located in the beautiful Sarigerme area of Turkey surrounded by nature, is one of the proud first hotels to achieve the Travelife Gold award against the new criteria! Travelife wanted to know more about their sustainability and how they worked with the new checklist.

Magic Life Sarigerme is part of the TT Hotels group, which has a future-oriented strategy. They believe that sustainability is an investment for the mid- and long-term future and will help strengthen their position in the market. The hotel has a three-year sustainability plan with the aim to implement local and international sustainability standards, including Travelife. The main objective is to have a high performance rate from colleagues, partners and guests.

Emrah Yücedeniz, the group’s food and safety coordinator explains: “Our vision is to make holiday experiences special with a firm commitment to sustainability. Our sustainability strategy will help us achieve greater levels of commercial success, while exercising social responsibility and environmental efficiency throughout all our operations”.

How did Travelife help you with this?
We have held a Travelife Gold award since the summer of 2012. From the beginning Travelife helped us to increase employee and customer awareness regarding sustainability and gave us a great tool to manage the sustainability requirements relevant to the hotel industry.

On the customer satisfaction questionnaires and environmental surveys, we receive positive comments about our actions and we are sure that it is affecting the number of our returning visitors.

Can you tell us more about the Travelife audit?
We have now had one audit against the old criteria in 2012 and this year our first audit against the new criteria. In comparison, the new criteria are much stricter, which is as it should be. This will also help hotels improve step by step.

We have implemented an environmental management system since 2007. This means all the actions required to meet the environmental criteria are well embedded in our day-to-day operations. And we have continuously improved our performance over the last seven years.

However Travelife covers more sustainability criteria than the environment system. The audit preparations are conducted by the whole management team in the hotel. This is led by the General Manager of the hotel, Mr Turcan Uysal, and our Quality Team Leader Mrs Gulser Keyf. This included holding meetings to define all the actions carried out according to the new criteria.

What did you think about the new Travelife Checklist?
The most impressive changes of the new checklist are that all the energy sources are asked to be recorded in kilowatt hours. I think this is the only way to properly compare energy consumption from all the different sources.

In addition, staff training, which we see as the most important issue, is also more focused in the new checklist.

How did you involve your staff in your sustainability efforts?
In our three-year sustainability plan we have clearly highlighted all objectives and deadlines to be able to deliver our vision and goals relating to sustainability. This way we can easily follow up on the objectives together with the staff. We try to involve our staff us much as possible and motivate them to come up with their own ideas and initiatives. Some of the actions we have taken were proposed by our staff, such as cleaning the sea floor around the island in front of our beach to help protect the wildlife on this island.

Sea cleaning activity organized by staff at the Magic Life Sarigerme

World Environment Day and Wild Island visit

To find out more:
This is just a snapshot of the Club Magic Life Sarigerme actions on sustainability and how they achieved their Travelife award and to find out more, please visit www.tthotels.com or http://www.tthotels.com/hotels/club-magic-life-sarigerme