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Welcome to Travelife

Travelife is dedicated to making holidays more sustainable. We work with travel businesses around the world to help them improve their social, economic and environmental impacts.

Businesses that prove they meet the Travelife sustainability criteria become Travelife certified, helping them easily promote their achievements to others.

Travelife comprises 3 main services:

Tour Operators
& Travel Agents

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& Accommodations

Are you a hotel or accommodation wanting to become more sustainable? Click here.

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Tour Operators & Travel Agents
This part of the business works with travel organisations to help them improve the sustainability of their operations from energy and water, to staff contracts and working with suppliers.
Hotels & Accommodations
We work directly with accommodation providers to help them become more sustainable and become Travelife certified. We also work with tour operators to support and promote Travelife-awarded hotels.
The Travelife Collection website showcases the hotels that have successfully met the Travelife Gold award criteria and become Travelife certified.